A Fun Filled Miami Wedding Inspired by Symmetry and Frequency Jimmie and Shay met in December of 2013 on the campus of University of Miami, where they were both students at the time. Shay is originally from Winston-Salem, NC and was attaining her Masters in Counselor Education; Jimmie was studying Finance and Accounting.“I remember noticing

A CLASSIC AND ROMANTIC WEDDING AT THE BEVERLY HILLS HOTELFor Jody and Daniel Uchitel, it all started with a swipe right – then another swipe right. Roughly seven more swipes and two years of persistence later, they finally went on a first date. From the moment Jody rushed into the restaurant ten minutes late, she

A LAKE COMO INSPIRED WEDDING IN PUERTO RICOAfter graduating from college and returning home to Puerto Rico, Estefanía Cruzval was spending a lot of time at her local CrossFit Box. She would also frequent a different location to visit with clients of her clothing business. In 2015, she began hearing about another CrossFit member at

A FULL-FILLED DESTINATION WEDDING WEEK IN CABOCourtney never expected to encounter the love of her life on a work trip to Montreal; but that’s exactly where she met Kevin Kerston in 2018.“I was immediately drawn to his laid-back personality and charming smile,” she recalls. “He lived in Austin, Texas and I was in Ottawa, Canada,

While many people go to college and work a 9-5 job, Lauren Matocha and Griffin Macer were two souls, traveling through life on their own paths, laser focused on their goals, and always trusting their intuition. Griffin has created business after business since high school, all while traveling the world and living a life full

Burckel Gervais and Gregory Deichmann first met in 2016 at the Red Eye Bar and Grill in New Orleans. Within a month, they were officially a couple; and almost six years later, they got married.Engagement and Wedding PlanningWith Greg being a professional MLB player for the Oakland Athletics, he and Burckel travel year round but

Kate Wasserbach and Travis Moore met in high school through a longtime mutual friend, Michael, who played lacrosse with Travis.“I have known Michael since I was three years old,” Kate shares, “and Travis has played travel lacrosse with Michael since the fourth grade. Fate had it that Travis and I didn’t connect earlier in life,

Joanne and Daryll were in the 8th grade when they first met back in 2001. They both attended Most Holy Trinity School in San Jose, California, and “officially dated” for a few months. Daryll was Joanne’s first boyfriend; but after graduating from the 8th grade, the two teens drifted apart and went their separate ways

Sierra Owen and Derek Eliasen first met online over a shared interest. The two acquaintances eventually decided to meet for coffee, even though Sierra was nervous to meet someone from the internet for the first time. “He walked in very dressed up and seemed so proper,” she describes. “It was kind of intimidating. Luckily he’s

A Bespoke Wedding at Casa Loma with a Custom Ines Di Santo Wedding GownTeresa Pasqualino and Patrick Luzny first met as teenagers, when Patrick became friends with Teresa’s brother Domenico during high school. Patrick was “caught completely off-guard” when he was introduced to Teresa; and in an admittedly misguided attempt to get her attention whenever