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    Ralph Deal Photography

    Jennifer Pagano and John Moretti

    November 26, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


    Jennifer Pagano and John Moretti’s love story began at Green Rock, a bustling bar in the heart of Hoboken, New Jersey.

    “I was navigating the chaos of bartending,” Jenn explains, “when a friend of John's approached me with a message – John thought I was cute. My initial response was a nonchalant ‘Okay,’ as I continued to juggle orders. Yet, fate had other plans. A week later, John himself returned, and as our conversation unfolded, I discovered a connection that transcended the casual banter of a bar encounter.

    There was an inexplicable ease to our interaction, a recognition that we shared not just a moment but a mix of values, family backgrounds, and aspirations. What began as a chance meeting at Green Rock evolved into a journey of discovering the profound similarities that would shape our future.”

    “It was uniquely ours – a mosaic of laughter, love, and unexpected adventures.”

    Over the course of their relationship, Jenn and John frequently went for summer morning runs at “The Point” in Longport, New Jersey. It’s a spot where the bay meets the ocean, and it eventually became the place where John proposed.

    Wedding Chaos

    The wedding planning process was chaotic, with the bride-to-be navigating the challenges of law school while her fiancé was immersed in demanding longshoreman hours. Still, the couple notes that their “commitment to each other stood unyielding.”

    “The Loews Hotel set the stage for the prelude to our wedding day,” Jenn shares, “a time of laughter and anticipation. The ceremony itself was a tapestry of beauty, a moment where our shared values and dreams took center stage.

    However, as the reception unfolded, chaos became an unexpected companion. From being followed relentlessly by a homeless woman during a photo session in Philadelphia, to the nervousness that gripped us when my aunt fainted during the Best Man's speech, our wedding day was a rollercoaster of emotions. Yet, through it all, the prevailing sentiment was love – love from our friends and family that surrounded us and joined us through the unexpected twists.”

    An Elegant Crystal Team Room Wedding

    Jenn and John’s celebration was an elegant Crystal Team Room wedding in Philadelphia, with an ambiance filled with warm lighting. From the exceptional food, to the laughter that resonated during toasts, to the crowded dance floor, there were countless special moments that were experienced over the course of the evening.

    “Our wedding day was not flawless,” says Jenn, “but it was uniquely ours – a mosaic of laughter, love, and unexpected adventures.

    “As we embarked on our honeymoon, first to Key Largo and later to the enchanting landscapes of Italy, the most memorable part was not the destinations but the shared moments enriched by the presence of the one we now called "spouse."


    Location: Crystal Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA; Planner: Janine Pagano;; Floral Design: Carl Alan Floral Artistry, Philadelphia, PA; Caterer: Finley Catering, Philadelphia, PA; Cake: The Master’s Baker, West Chester, PA; Wedding Dress: Irini’s Originals, Wilmington, DE; Hair: Alicia Digianvittorio, Philadelphia, PA; Makeup: Nicolette Dalesandro, NJ; Entertainment: Central Park The Band, Philadelphia, PA; Cinematography: Sirius Cinema, Philadelphia, PA; Photography: Ralph Deal Photography, Glassboro, NJ

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