We laughed, happy cried, dances, and celebrated with the people we love

Sabrina and Ariel met through a mutual friend, but before that, Ariel had seen a photo of Sabrina on social media, and asked his friend about her. Almost a year later, at that same mutual friend’s wedding, they saw each other again. 

“When he picked me up for our first date, I was excited but nervous” remembers Sabrina. Ariel was standing outside of his car with the passenger door open, “and was so warm towards me.” It was the best first hug ever she quips. It was a type of comfort that typically doesn’t happen right off the bat with just anyone. At least, that’s how Sabrina felt on that first date. They talked for hours over dinner and drinks, and both felt a strong connection.

Their second date was a few days later where they played laser tag and arcade games. “We still say to this day that it was on the second date that we “knew” ”laughs Sabrina. Ariel proposed exactly one year (to the day) of their first date.

“When he picked me up for our first date, I was excited but nervous”

He told Sabrina they were going to a friend’s party, and to dress up in “white summer vibes”. He took her to a private Japanese garden and popped the question. At first, she was wondering if he was going to propose, but then she had her doubts because Ariel had the photographer dress up as a gardener, which really threw her off. She thought they were truly in someone’s yard.

The wedding took place 7 months after their engagement. “The process can be hectic with so many details to think about, but it was honestly fun to talk about flowers and decorations after a long day of work” says Sabrina.

The couple wanted the ceremony to be romantic and rustic, so they chose a lot of white and purple flowers and an abundance of greenery on the wooden aisle.

However, for the reception they chose something very different and created more of a party vibe with disco balls above the dance floor with black, white, and green designs. “The reception night party” says Sabrina “was all about having fun and celebrating with the people we love most.”

According to Sabrina, the day of the wedding was the best day of their lives. She never wanted to put so much pressure on her wedding day because as she recalls “everyone would tell me that things can go wrong.”  So, the couple decided and agreed to approach their wedding day with only one goal— to have fun.

“We went into the weekend with a positive mindset and happy attitude that we’re having our favorite people in one place and really reminded each other that the only thing that matters is having fun” says Sabrina. “We laughed, happy cried, danced, and celebrated all night.”

One of her favorite memories was when Ariel walked up to her parents at the top of the aisle just before the ceremony, and her father “handed” her his arm. The couple also remember the energy on the dance floor all night as they watched everyone close to them dancing around them and felt the energy level elevating for hours.

Sabrina and Ariel chose to wait just a few more months to embark on their honeymoon-just until after Sabrina’s Graduate school graduation.


Location: Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, CA; Event Design & Planning: Goli Pak- Events By Goli. Los Angeles, CA; Floral Design: Floral and Events by Sammy. Los Angeles, CA; Party Rentals: Palace Party Rental Inc. Los Angeles, CA; Lighting: 4th Dimension Productions Inc. Van Nuys, CA; Wedding Dress: Rivini; Groom’s Attire: Di Stefano; Entertainment: DJ Sepi. Los Angeles, CA; Hair: Hair By Ara. Pasadena, CA; Makeup: Berly Rodriguez. Los Angeles, CA; Cinematography: VIP Productions LA. Los Angeles, CA; Photography: Dmitry Shumanev Production Photography. Los Angeles, CA