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The bride and groom gift exchange is a tradition that many couples have participated in for centuries. While its origins are unknown, cultures around the world have carried out this private exchanging of gifts as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. Today, it is customary for a bride to receive a special token on the morning of her wedding day, or even the night before. Gifts for the bride are usually sentimental, symbolic, or something that is intended to be treasured for decades to come – and popular choices tend to be diamond bracelets, earrings, and time pieces.

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The most high-profile examples of bridal gift giving have been amongst royal families. This, most likely, contributed to wedding day gift exchanges being a regular occurrence in modern society. Right before their wedding, Prince William gifted Kate Middleton a pair of diamond and sapphire earrings, which were designed to complement her engagement ring. For several years following their nuptials, the Princess has been seen wearing the beautiful drop earrings during various tours and events.

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Of course, gifts for the bride may also come from family members. King Charles chose to present his new daughter-in-law with a stunning set of art deco diamond jewelry, which included a bracelet, ring, and earrings made of white and yellow diamonds. Another notable royal wedding gift was presented to Princess Mary in 1922, when her husband gave her an exquisite diamond and pearl broach for their wedding day. And Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark was famously given an incredible wedding gift from Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra of Russia – a sapphire and diamond Fabergé necklace.

While diamonds have become the standard in luxury bridal gifts, many cultures around the world have their own wedding jewelry traditions. In China, it is customary for the bride and groom to receive gold jewelry from each other’s families, as gold symbolizes well wishes for a happy marriage. Jade jewelry is another traditional wedding gift for the bride, with the same pieces often being passed down through generations. Gold also takes center stage in India, where brides are adorned from head to toe in lavish jewelry and presented with gifts over the course of several days. Even in the United States, many consider pearls to be the traditional pick.

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Diamonds combine flawlessly with other precious stones and metals to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, whether it’s a diamond and rose quartz cocktail ring, or a diamond-encrusted gold bracelet. White diamond stud earrings are gifts that brides can wear on their wedding day, right after unboxing them; and they’re timeless enough to be passed down as an heirloom wedding gift in the future.

When in doubt, diamonds from jewelry houses like Chopard, De Beers, and Graff are perfect gifts for any bride on her big day. From statement necklaces to a simple diamond bangle, a diamond memento is an unforgettable token of love for any groom, parent, family member, or close friend to bestow upon a bride-to-be before she walks down the aisle.